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In order to achieve the desired simplifications, it was decided to reserve a private work area for the cfengine tool-set. In cfengine 1.x, the administrator could choose the locations of configuration files, locks, and logging data independently. In cfengine 2.x, this diversity has been simplified to a single directory which defaults to. Example control: master_cfinput = (/usr/local/masterfiles/cfengine/ inputs) workdir = (/var/cfengine) copy: # Copy from bullet 2 to bullet 3 $( master_cfinput) dest=$(workdir)/inputs r=inf mode= type=binary exclude=*.lst exclude=*~ exclude=#* server=$(policyhost) trustkey=true $(master_modules). CFEngine 2 Archived Documentation. Windows · Linux · Enterprise · Remote communication · Modularize · Tutorial · Anomalies · Filters · Monitoring · Reference · Packages.

It laid out a manifesto for creating self-healing systems, reiterated a few years later by IBM in their form of Autonomic Computing. This started a research effort which led to a major re-write, CFEngine 2, which added features for machine learning, anomaly detection and secure communications. 22 Aug After the previous simple overview of cfengine we'll now look in more detail at the rulefiles, which allow jobs to be conducted both locally and remotely. The great power of cfengine derives from the fact that you can carry out a wide range of actions within a rule-file. The main rule file for cfengine is called. Articles | Other Resources | Alternatives | Encryption & Verification | Useful Tips | Mac OS X | OpenBSD | RedHat Linux. These pages cover using CFEngine version 2 to control Unix system configuration. Consult the reference and tutorial documentation included with CFEngine frequently when building out a CFEngine .

18 Jul This is the directory where cfengine will look for plug-in modules for the actionsequence, See section actionsequence. Plugin modules may be used to activate classes using special algorithms. @xref{Writing plugin modules, Writing plugin modules,Writing plugin modules,cfengine-Tutorial}. 27 Oct Cfengine 2 Overview. 1. Cfengine 2 BasicsUnderstanding the components of a cfengine implementation.; 2. What isn't cfengine?An OS deployment system (Jumpstart, Kickstart, ignite, NIM)A software repository ( yum,apt,depot,yast)A one-shot script executor (although it can be. A copy of Cfengine 2. Contribute to Cfengine-2 development by creating an account on GitHub.


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