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Bot for nimbuzz chat room

This is one of the best warrior bot which is used in nimbuzz chat room. Mr matrix create this software and added many features with this bot. Users will satisfy of this bot because of diversified functions. You can insert maximum bot id in this bot. Total functions of this warrior bot are. You can put 25 bot id in the room; You can. 8 Aug ADD BELOW SERVER BOTS FOR PROTECT YOUR ROOM FROM FLOOD gfg- [email protected] @ [email protected] nuke-super- [email protected] @nimbu. Detailed tutorial about 'How to add mobile server bot in a Nimbuzz chat room'. Auto member, welcome messages, various quiz bots, joke bot, love meter, avatar grabbing link etc are available by adding external bots to the chat room.

17 Feb How to add a bot in Nimbuzz ChatRoom? 1. Creation of Room Tap on create. Give a name and tap on Done. 2. Now We need a bot in room so add a server bot example: [email protected] I added [email protected] 3. Now type help in bots messages. 4. Now the command is. x id password roomname. HOW TO MAKE A NIMBUZZ ROOM BOT WHICH U CAN CONTROL FROM MOBILE THRUGH COMMANDS U CAN MAKE IT FROM YOUR MOBILE NO PC NEEDED SO LET'S START, U NEED 3 THINGS TO MAKE A BOT 1, A SHELL ACCOUNT 2, MIDPSHH OR PUTTY 3, NIMBUZZ ID FOR BOT(a normal nimbuzz. 21 Aug Nimbuzz Ultimate Ban Bot Command Starting from version , the bot use different method to ban the flood IDs, and requires 1 bot ID only. Now the bot will take advantage of the newly released Chat room commands, mainly "/ban f id" which bans the IP address of the target ID, which means once you.

20 May Hi Nimbuzzers, Here is a tool to have fun in your chat room with a running race you need is an admin id(not a chat room admin) for control the bot and another id for bot. Type the bot id without @ in the "BOT ID" tab and type the password below and click login button so the bot can. Nimbuzz chat room bot collection. * Tbot: This bot welcome all user and bot admin can control all the function of a room. This bot also includes Math quizz. * Tushar quizz bot is only for quizz. * Love bot: This bot is used to calculate love score among 2 person and is used in the Nimbuzz chat room. Tbot lite (with wc, quizz. 18 May NIMBUZZ BOT COMMANDS. (ongoing). commands. admin/ownership. **for [email protected] or [email protected] available for owner bot only . Follow Me Number 1 Pakistani chat room There You Can Picture Sharing, Set Profile Picture Watch Youtube Streaming During Chat. Pakistani Chat room.


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