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Music rotation covering mostly Japanese and Korean music, with plenty of everything else! yeh_wook - ☆The Yehsung x Ryeowook fancommunity ☆ ( Updated 5 years ago) a community for fans of the YehWook pairing~; iconvic - I C O N V I C (Updated 5 years ago); samunin_6 - SaMuNiN Fanfiction (Updated 5 years ago). (Updated 5 hours ago); indie_exchange - The Indie Exchange (Updated 1 day ago); asian_graphics - a s i a n g r a p h i c s (Updated 2 weeks ago); kmusic_icons - Korean Music Icons (Updated 2 weeks ago); kpop - Korean Pop Community (Updated 2 weeks ago) kpop community; kbts - Korean Buy, Trade and Sell. Feel free to click “Join Community” at the top of the page if you get “Access Denied” in this community! Membership is open! Please do not message me regarding videos at my personal journal or in this community as they will be ignored. For any dead links, send a to PM eternalmp3 only. Masterpost Hey! Say Jump!.

Does anyone know of a good place to download Dong Bang Shin Ki mp3s? Or other k-pop mp3s in general? Thanks. post comment. [11 Mar |pm]. verwurzelung. Hello~ I'm not so much into Korean music but I really need some help. I'm looking desperately for the song 'Gimme Gimme' by the duo 'country kko kko'. 1 Jan “Korea's #1 group” signs were flown earlier, while squeals of “SNSD is the best, most talented group in Korean music!” were heard in unison. Yet, I wondered how fans defined “best” and “most talented.” While I do support K-pop, I was also disappointed at what I just witnessed at the concert. I may be hated. 6 Jul By Vanessa Phan of Hellokpop Although K-pop is known for its mind blowing dance moves, the music videos that are released also play a big part in the K-pop industry. Here are a few emotional music videos that have been released in the K -pop industry the past few years. Warning: You may be brought.

saw an expansion of the music industry into once completely unknown generes. K-Pop, as its been labelled by its stans, has literally exploded all over the scene. Supposively catchy tunes, dazzling stage costumes and precise choreography invaded our eardrums and brains at a rapid pace. 14 Nov I went to the Sydney Kpop Music Fest yesterday. I'm not much of a Kpop fan (well fanatic kpop fan, I like some of it lol); I know the names of members from uhh DBSK, SNSD, KARA and random members from the other 9 groups that came, so I apologise for all the vagueness XD ANYWAY MOVING ON. Results for communities interested in "ze:a". 75 matches: amaris_subs - Amaris ( Updated 6 days ago) Fansub community; ultra_harmony - intensity and quality is the key (Updated 1 week ago) kpop screencaps and performance cuts; jrsj2 - Solista (Updated 2 weeks ago) High Quality Music, Good for the Soul; zea_fanworks.


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