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The Government Inspector, also known as The Inspector General is a satirical play by the Russian and Ukrainian dramatist and novelist Nikolai Gogol. Originally published in , the play was revised for an edition. Based upon an anecdote allegedly recounted to Gogol by Pushkin, the play is a comedy of errors. The Government Inspector / was never meant to happen. Our season opener, The Philadelphia Story, was set to be the theatrical hit of the summer, with its star- studded cast and hot young director. Until the rights suddenly fell through. Enter The Government Inspector – though not the play you might be expecting. The Government Inspector - the play that was never meant to happen! Live at Sydney's Belvoir St Theatre in

The Government Inspector plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. The Government Inspector. (or The Inspector General). By Nikolai Gogol This script has been provided to demonstrate the play's structure and flesh out the characters. This is not the final script that will be IVANA KUZMICH Shpyokin, a Postmaster. IVAN ALEXANDROVICH KHLESTAKOV, a Government civil servant. During that year, Gogol published two books of short stories, Mirgorod and Arabesques; a collection of essays; as well as two plays, Marriage and The Government Inspector. The Government Inspector was brought to the attention of the Tsar, who liked it so much that he requested the first theatrical production ( ). Gogol.

The Government Inspector: The Government Inspector, farcical drama in five acts by Nikolay Gogol, originally performed and published as Revizor in The play, sometimes translated as The Inspector General, mercilessly lampoons the corrupt officials of an obscure provincial town that is portrayed as a microcosm of . Complete summary of Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Government Inspector.


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