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Dvb-t signal strength software

17 May Hi All, I have a cheap Afatech DVB-T tuner that I have working with my netbook. So far so good! However I need to measure the signal strength. Is there tool to do such? Thanks Ian "Bill" Morris. Hello, Is there any utility software available that will tell me about the signal strength / quality that my DVB-T cards are picking up from the. I REGRET TO INFORM THAT THE PROGRAMS DIGIMAX DVB-T METER & SCANNER AND DVB-T MONITOR ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND YOUR SUPPORT. SF95DT DVB-T Finder Digital Aerial Terrestrial TV Antenna Signal Strength Meter Compass, SFDR Digital.

15 Nov Standalone DVB-T Signal Strength/Quality Utility How-to check signal strength and quality ScanChannelsBDA is a small program that runs independently from WinTV 7 and can be used to check whether your DVB-T tuner is working correctly . It can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. I don't have a DVB-T meter and don't really want to spend a fortune on one so I was looking at this website Looks good and I not sure, but found this, ? Standalone-DVB-T-Signal-Strength-Quality-Utility maybe this will be ok. Discussion about Windows software: DVB-T signal test. for Windows software to do a DVB-t signal test. I upgraded to a TBS quad tuner, but the only software provided is drivers. Most Windows tuner drivers provide signal strength and quality readings in the form of percentages. The software you're.

Hello. I'm looking for software to do what the title says help appreciated. In addition, if you have for example TBS 5 - application shows BER and the signal level. Before using app I strongly recommend to read the instruction manual and visiting the project, because to work correctly you need to download application, which sends network informations from the DVB-T card. The software is in. by Linux) are avoided. The utility femon will show both signal strength and signal/noise ratio. The latter seems to be inverted; a zero signal/noise ratio is optimal. femon -H -a 0. where -a is the adaptor required. See also http://www.


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