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Vietnam war games for pc download

Vietnam war games for pc

The Vietnam War has been depicted in many games. Video games[edit]. While not as popular a topic as World War II and fictional wars set in modern times the Vietnam War has been the setting for numerous video games. Name, Year, Platform, Publisher. Air Conflicts: Vietnam, , Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox. “On PC, I can't name a single recent game that's attacked this subject, and achieved its objectives so well.” 80 – PCGamesN “I got a coherent, original game system that reflects a certain understanding of the Vietnam War with mechanics that fit together as a whole yet are evocative in their own right.” – Quarter to Three. Red Orchestra Series' take on Vietnam: player MP matches; M16, M79, Hueys and Attack Helicopters; the AK, Double-Barrel Shotguns, Toe-Popper Mines, Tripwires, Tunnels and more. Brutal. Authentic. Gritty. Character customization. And napalm in the morning. Now with Australians!.

Vietnam is a country in the Southeast Asia which borders on China in the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. It has been the setting for numerous video games, particularly military themed shooters, wargames and simulations. Not many Vietnam War games out there. I played Vietcong for PC years ago. I played it coop with buddies and it was fun for a .. of bullshit that's out there now, it's a real gem. Vietcong is one of the best game experiences i have ever had, but when i played it again some years back it was never the same. hi allWhat is the best vietnam game so far (or currently in the market, of course i don't want a game from or so), in the aspect of gameplay, story and general did you enjoy the most?.


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